No names, let's just post some wannabe rebel posts

Ma, Ma—look what i did, Ma. Look what i did to my hands, I broke ‘em.
You gave me the stone, gave me the chisel, didn’t say how to hold ‘em.
Didn’t say to give away every piece of the puzzle ‘til i was left with nothin’.
But i took it upon myself to crush it up and distribute the dust.
Get in the bus. Hop in the van. Jump in the water. Crawl to the land.
Build another castle out of sand. Break it down and then get into the saddle again.
I’m going city to city - i’m already lost. Tell the boss who is new in town.
I’ll ride this horse ‘til it it bucks me off and i’m forced to shoot it down.
I’ll take him out for some gasoline. Trade this cow for some magic beans.
Gonna make mom proud of the deals that I made, ‘cause I’m just a modern day Johnny Appleseed
But i’m glad that I never passed the genes, and I never put down the axe.

Got no card, so I got not soul
Life is prison, no parole, no control
The jura got my number on a wire tap
Cause I jack for Similac, FUCK a Cadillac
Surviveone motive no hope
Cause every sidewalk I walk is like a tightrope
Yes, I know my deadline, sire, when my life expires
I’m sendin paper south under the barbed wire
The mother of my child will lose her mind at my grave
It’s my life for their life, so call it a free trade
"Por vida" and our name up on the stall
I took a death trip, when I tried to cross the white wall

Grew up as a child of an alcoholic
Sister to schizophrenic
And already inherited one and they both are genetic
When sun falls I gets no sleep
Nights are filled with party and bullshit
Bacardi and full clips
Just to deal with it
Got a full heart
But don’t feel with it no more
I have fury of woman who’s scorned
Just live my life like the X-Files and trust nobody
Forgetting everyone
Now I’m just forgetting the money

It’s all about crime, dehumanizing is how I justify ‘em,
So I must keep on lying about the history of Africa,
So I can live the with massacres
And repeat my mantra: Muslim, terrorist,
So I can sleep at night as bombs take flight,
Eyes open wide but I’m blind to the sight
Too busy chasing the perfect life.
And the working class keep them uneducated
Truly educated man could never be a racist,

I came from nothing but not nothing like nothing
Nothing - like nobody thought I was something
Nothing - like called every name in the book
But for every second guess I never gave a second look, 

I tell myself, “Don’t let it get to me!”
'Cause if the best they've got is not impressing me
Then there’s no reason they should get the best of me
While they were aiming at my words they missed the rest of me, see


Yeah. It feels like one of those “Post songlyrics which is stuck in your head because of the flawless meaning” type of moments

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